Newark breaks ground on lead service line replacement program to modernize water infrastruture

February 26, 2016 - Michigan, MI, U.S. - Plumbers & Pipefitters U.A. Local 370 Business Manager Harold T. Harrington shows a corroded galvanized pipe from his house in Flint that is 80 years-old from the hot water line that went to his upstairs bathroom as a copper and lead pipe (right) rest on the table. Harrington said the cold water supply line in his home to the upstairs bathroom is galvanized as well and still connected that tested last week at 151 ppb for lead. Harrington's downstairs kitchen sink replaced with copper line tested at 32 ppb for lead explained that there could be a lead line from the main or the valve box from the road. (Credit Image: © Detroit Free Press via ZUMA Wire)


Mayor Ras J. Baraka launched the city of Newark’s effort to modernize its water infrastructure on Wenesday, March 13, officially breaking ground on Phase 1 of the Lead Service Line Replacement Program to permanently replace about 1,500 residential lead service lines. The first phase is part of an eight-year, $75 million infrastructure program to remove approximately 15,000 lead service lines across Newark.

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